Shadowy pace lineThe Gainesville Cycling Club has riding and interest groups with designated Group Captains. Each group will have its own riding protocol, which will include where and when it will meet, how far and how fast the group will go, how often it will stop, and how the group will interact while on rides. The Group Captain acts as the spokesperson for the group, talking to prospective group members to give them a better idea as to how the group operates.

Group membership is open to all Gainesville Cycling Club members. To join, sign in to the Members Area, go to the Ride page, and click on "Join A Group" (below the Ride Schedule). You are not limited to one group; join any that you ride with; if you find you are not riding with a group, you can leave the group.

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Road Riding Groups: A Riders |GCX |Gliders |High Bees |Hokey Pokeys |InSync |LoBees |Middle Bees |Saddle Tramps |Strays |SxSW |Velo et Cafe |

Off Road Riding Groups: Dung Beetles |

Service Groups: Bike Valet Volunteers |Bikes 4 Vets |GCC Adopt-a-Road Group |Millhopper Crew |Trailkeepers |

Interest Groups: Commuters |GCC Women |Independent Trail Riders |MS-150 |

Road Riding Groups

A Riders

Group Captain: Jayson O'Mahoney

Group Speed: 20-35
Group Distance: 50-100

A group that strives to maintain a very high level of fitness and endurance. The average speed of the rides generally falls between 19 and 21 miles per hour, which means at times our cruising speed may reach up to 23-26 miles per hour (with a tailwind, etc).


Group Captain: Todd Leedy

Group Speed: 18-25
Group Distance: 25-75

The GCX group traverses the unpaved roadways of north central Florida using primarily cyclocross equipment to maintain a moderate-high intensity training pace. Group activities include winter weeknite rides (Nov-Mar) and longer weekend rides year round. Group members a have a mixture of road and mtb backgrounds which mix happily, whether on dusty washboard limerock or sticky rain-soaked sugar sand. GCX riders participate in cyclocross races, gravel grinders, and ultra-CX races - but for some the primary goal is training for road/mtb events and enjoying all that rural Florida offers when pavement does not interfere.

Gliders Glider word

Group Captain: Roger Pierce

Group Speed: 18-21
Group Distance: 30-60

The Gliders are a group that strives to maintain high training speeds over moderate distances and maintain the integrity of the group. The average speed of our rides generally will fall between 18 and 20 mph (19 is typical), which means our cruising speed will range between 18 and 21 mph. Rides will normally be around 50 miles, but can range between 30 and 75. We will usually stop at a store about half way through the ride; on longer rides we may stop twice.

High Bees Michael Steinberg

Group Captain: Michael Steinberg

Group Speed: 18-19
Group Distance: 45-55

The HighBees ride pace is about 18-19 mph. This is a friendly, no drop ride; we re-group at all turns when needed. If you are new to GCC and are looking for a weekly ride with a moderate pace and moderate distance, please feel free to join us. Membership Requirements: Please note that HighBee rides are open to all GCC members who wish to participate. Those that are non-members may ride with the group as a guest of a sponsoring member once without being required to be a member.

Hokey Pokeys Chandler Otis

Group Captain: Chandler Otis

Group Speed: 8-12
Group Distance: 15-25

Beginner rides chaperoned by a ride leader who will ride at the back of the group to make sure no one gets lost. The ride leader is also a bicycle mechanic who can help fix flat tires and help with any other mechanical problems.

InSync InSync Group Logo

Group Captain: Michael Steinberg

Group Speed: 17-19
Group Distance: 30-50

This group will provide riders the opportunity to develop and practice pace line riding techniques and skills at moderate speeds, over moderate distances that benefit the whole group. Goals for rides are to maintain an efficient single pace line, cruise at speeds from 17 to 19 mph on flat terrain, smoothly rotate the lead rider every few minutes and maintain group integrity. Distances for rides will range from 30 to 50 miles. The group will stop anytime someone experiences mechanical problems or a rider requests a stop. For rides longer than 30 miles the group will stop at approximately the half way point.


Group Captain: Bob Newman

Group Speed: 14
Group Distance: 30-35

The Lo Bees are a group that strives to combine consistent workouts with camaraderie among our riders. We like to keep the speeds in the 14 MPH range (sometimes a little higher or lower depending on the terrain). Our distances usually are in the 30-45 mile range. While riders should be able to maintain this pace no one will be abandoned and we try to practice cycling courtesy at all times. Needless to say, helmets are mandatory. Mirrors are not required but are strongly recommended. Everyone is expected to comply with all applicable bicycling laws (which can be found on the GCC web site).

Middle Bees

Group Captain: Charles Courtney

Group Speed: 16-18
Group Distance: 30-45

This Sunday morning ride group provides a moderately paced (16-18 mph) ride, typically of 35-45 miles. In addition this group serves as a recovery ride for faster riders following their more strenuous Saturday rides.

Saddle Tramps Melinda Koken head shot.

Group Captain: Melinda Koken

Group Speed: 12-15
Group Distance: 25-50

The Saddle Tramps are a spin-off of the Pedalers, riding between 12 and 15 miles per hour, emphasizing longer routes between 25 and 50 miles in length. This group will include hill work and preparation for longer rides such as the Ride to Remember, MS-150 and the GCC cycling weekend rides of 50 plus miles. These longer rides can also be preparation for bicycle touring, including information on getting started touring, optimal gear, bicycle friendly routes, and other resources. We are a friendly, no-drop group, who welcome Newbies, who like to visit natural settings, enjoy being outdoors on bikes, who usually ride low traffic roads, and occasionally stop and take pictures.

Strays Rob Wilt Strays Group Captain

Group Captain: Robert Wilt

Group Speed: 10 - 15
Group Distance: 20 - 60

The STRAYS is a road TOURING group. The OFF-ROAD form of Strays is called the DUNG BEETLES. The road NIGHT riding form of the Strays is called the FIREFLIES. To ride with the Dung Beetles or the Fireflies, a club member should sign up with those specific ride groups. This will allow you to receive the special emails that announce those groups rides and cancellations. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STRAYS ride locally most of the time, and at other times we take off to ride in distant places. Sometimes we will ride with ride groups from other bike clubs, in their territory. As a touring ride group, we have no pace lines, no wheel sucking, and no racing. We are dedicated to riding with the idea of having fun and getting some exercise, and enjoying companionship and scenery. Our pace is typically in the 10-15 mph average range, and this varies with the terrain and what there is to see on our ride. Pace may be faster when a leader other than Rob Wilt is in charge, but this will be noted in the particular ride. We sometimes stop to smell the flowers and check out the sights. Definitely not a ride for the impatient or hurried. Lance posers and other self-involved egotists should ride with another group. Courtesy and respect for fellow cyclists, and safety are the watch words for Strays. Strays will ride year round. In the hotter months we start our rides early, but as temperatures become more moderate we tend to start our rides progressively later. Overall ride comfort and safety is our consideration, not time.


Group Captain: Todd Leedy

Group Speed: 22-28
Group Distance: 30-70

Our name, SxSW (South by Southwest), reflects both our default start location as well as the directions taken on most of our rides. A-level rides leaving from the SW area. Regular rides on Wednesdays at 6 pm (daylight permitting) and occasional Saturday AM rides.

Velo et Cafe

Group Captain: Kathy Benton

Group Speed: 15-16.5
Group Distance: 30-40

This group will fill the void for riders who want to ride 15-16.5mph, ride a paceline endeavoring to improve riding skills, ride faster and further and have fun. We will have multiple starting points, ride leaders, and offer a variety of different rides.

Off Road Riding Groups

Dung Beetles Dung Beetle Group Captain

Group Captain: Robert Wilt

Group Speed: 6 - 10
Group Distance: 8 - 20

Dung Beetles is a moderate intensity off road ride group. We welcome riders who like a little challenge, but aren't looking to be competitive. We ride easy and moderate level trails, and sometimes we may try something a bit more difficult if everyone feels up to it. We also do 'gravel' style cyclocross rides occasionally, which involve a mix of limerock roads and paved roads. Our emphasis is on having fun, and doing it without getting hurt. Most of our riding takes place in the late Fall, Winter, and early Spring when temperatures are more suitable and biting insects are less prevalent. IMPORTANT: Join the Dung Beetles group online if you plan to ride with us, that way you will receive both ride notices and cancellations via email that do NOT appear in the general GCC group email. We normally ride at San Felasco State Park, entrance is $4 per vehicle, so you will want to know about cancellations when they happen, rather than showing up and waiting around after paying for the entry fee. Alternately you can also check the ride status at the GCC website, but you might miss a last minute cancellation.

Service Groups

Bike Valet Volunteers

Group Captain: Allyson Gill

This group consists of GCC members who are willing to help staff a bicycle valet service at public community events in order to provide secure bicycle parking and promote car-free transportation to and from such events. Events may include Active Streets, Free Fridays concerts downtown, Menagerie in Motion, Bike Month Festivities, or any of our local arts festivals. Bike Valet not only vastly improves bike parking capacity, it promotes cycling and helps to introduce our Club to friends and neighbors who may not know about GCC. Bike Valet has proven to be popular, and there have been several requests for Bike Valet at outdoor events taking place throughout our area this Spring. We could use some help!

Bikes 4 Vets

Group Captain: Diann Dimitri

As many of you know, I have been working with vets who lack transportation. With the help of many of you I have been able to donate about 50 bikes to this project. In addition I have been able to purchase a bike repair stand, a 12x12 popup tent, some tools, bike parts and safety equipment. At this point in the project, the vets are able to fix and repair almost any bikes that are donated. The ownership by the vets of this project has been immensely satisfying and has lead to talk of expanding this project. Support Bikes For Vets.

GCC Adopt-a-Road Group

Group Captain: Allyson Gill

Members of the GCC Adopt-a-Road Group are committed to spending a few hours every 3 months cleaning up roadside litter along a local road under the oversight of Keep Alachua County Beautiful.

Millhopper Crew Millhopper Crew (small)

Group Captain: Neal Cohen

The mission of the Millhopper Crew is to keep the bike lanes on Millhopper Road free of significant obstacles. To do this, we ride the road, removing stuff from the bike lanes as we go.


Group Captain: Fairlie Bagley

Those of you who ride the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail know that it needs help. Sometimes there are too many leaves and branches on the Trail. In places there are bumps caused by tree roots. Obviously, the Florida Park Service needs help in keeping the Trail clear and clean, and in repairing aging pavement. To this end, a small group of us have banded together as the TRAILKEEPERS, to help the Trail.

Interest Groups


Group Captain: Stephen Perz

We are a group of cyclists who enjoy using bicycles as transportation. (and recreation) Our purpose is to socialize with folks of similar interests, and to facilitate and encourage our and others using cycling as a means of safe,communal, and green transportation.

GCC Women Velo Vixen logo

Group Captain: Joan Miner

The focus of the group is to invest our energy, strength and passion for cycling to inspire greater participation, resources, support and investment in the growth and development of women in the cycling community regardless of bicycle preference.

Independent Trail Riders

Group Captain: Richard Colbert

Persons who ride independently on local Rail Trails.

MS-150 Team Gainesville

Group Captain: Jim Bain

We are a group of cyclists that have come together to represent Gainesville Cycling Club and our community in the Bike MS: PGA TOUR Cycle to the Shore to make a stand against multiple sclerosis through riding our bicycles.

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