Downtown Connector Trail Detour

Due to active construction activities along South Main Street, the Hawthorne Trail crossing at South Main Street is temporarily closed. As a result, the segment of Hawthorne Trail between Depot Avenue and Veitch Street is temporarily being detoured as of Monday, January 15, 2018. Rail trail users can utilize alternative rail trail facilities by following the posted detour wayfinding signs to safely navigate the construction zone. The trail is expected to reopen in May 2018.

Commuter's Corner #6: Bicycling Bandits

Ah, winter, the best time to get out and ride! Right? Every time winter comes around, my body slumps at the thought of putting those extra layers on and going out in that blustery wind. BLECH.

The reason for this stems from a bad experience, years ago, on a ride I took just as a big cold front was arriving. The temperature dropped during the ride, I was underdressed, the wind kicked up, and the front brought in all manner of pollen and whatever. I ended up sick with a bad cough bordering on bronchitis for seemingly the rest of the winter that year. BLECH.

This year, for Christmas, my father-in-law gave me a Tour of Britain cycling scarf, basically a ring of lightweight technical cycling cloth for my neck and head. It has duly come time to get back to work, and right on schedule, a big cold front has (of course) arrived in Florida. With the usual trepidation about bronchitis, I tried out the scarf.




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Florida Bicycle Safari

The Florida Bicycle Safari is entering its 38th year. It’s not just another bike ride, it’s a ride that culminates everything that’s great about cycling. It’s 3 to 6 days of multiple routes each day, catered meals, games, live entertainment, full support and great company. The Safari takes place over two picturesque venues in North Florida/South Georgia and it has come to be known as the right of passage to all acclaimed avid cyclists. To learn more about this event, visit